Math Books for Intermediate Grades 3-5

My district uses Bridges in Mathematics from The Math Learning Center for our math curriculum.  I absolutely love it!  It has tons of fun games and lessons that really teach students to conceptually understand math.  Their website is full of all kinds of freebies, but can be hard to navigate.  I found this list on their website and wanted to re-create it for all of you, with some extras added in that I love to teach with, as well!  Since the list is so long, this will be a 4-part post.  This week, we will look at some books for intermediate grades.


Counting & Number Sense


  1. So many...I like The Greedy Triangle (plane figures), Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, Spaghetti and Meatballs for All (perimeter), One Grain of Rice (multiplication) ~ all the Marilyn Burns books are good!

    1. I'll be checking out the library for those ones, thanks!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I love to use poetry in math. You can find a huge number of titles for this here.
    You'll also find a number of thematic book lists for math and science.

    One of my new favorite math books is MISSING MATH: A NUMBER MYSTERY by Loreen Leedy. In it, Leedy shows readers what happens when the numbers all over town suddenly vanish.

    Thanks for sharing your list!

    1. I LOVE using poetry! Thanks for this new resource!

  3. This is great!! I'm always looking for new book titles to use while teaching math. Thank you!!

    I've also just awarded you with The Lovely Blog Award!! Please head on over to my blog to check it out and read up on the rules :)

    Teaching in Paradise

  4. The information which you have provided is phenomenal.The children have fear that maths is very difficult subject but this fear just resides in their mind.There is only need to teach them in a good manner and they will understand it.Maths requires practice.Practice is the only key of perfection in Mathematics.


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